Call for paper


Marketing and Business Management

Contemporary and modern business management, business strategies, SMEs management, global business and trade, e-commerce business, human resources management, consumer behavior, marketing strategy and analysis, marketing environment, brand management, digital marketing and other related areas

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Distribution, warehousing, Inventory management, logistics management, procurement, operations management, procurement, reverse logistics, value chain, block chain, cold chain, supply chain network, supply chain innovation, green and sustainable supply chain management and other related areas

Accounting and Finance

Financial accounting, managerial accounting, accounting technology and education, internal auditing, tax accounting, accounting standard, personal & corporate finance, monetary policy, financial technology, banking and investment, risk management and other related areas


Microeconomics, macroeconomics, financial economics and investment, labor economics, economic management, innovative economics, digital economics, transport economics, international economics, environmental economics, political economics, logistics economics, tourism economics, economics research and other related areas

Information Systems

Information technology, fundamental and software section, information processing technology, information programming development, data warehouses, enterprise resource planning, data mining, enterprise systems, information systems research and other related areas


*Each submitted full-paper will be reviewed by at least three experts.

*Only full-paper will be evaluated.